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Welcome to the homepage of the Toscaring- made by piaplatina!

We are very pleased to be able to offer you the new and unique tick removing device, a device that is worn as a finger ring! It is always to hand and ready to use at all times, the ToscaRing - made by piaplatina.

Did you know that every 5th tick carries Borrelios or other diseases? The sooner it is removed the less chance to get infected. With the ToscaRing you can, remove ticks of ALL sizes without touching them. They can be removed from humans, pets, horses or any other living creature and no more need to search for a removing device, it is there on your finger!

The ToscaRing story

Our dog Tosca used to have chronic tonsillitis, her immunity system was poor and she could not tolerate any tick resistant remedies or drugs. This lead us having to carefully search through her fur every morning and evening.

Since we live in a tick rich area, it was not unusual to find and remove 5 to 10 ticks every day.

How many dog owners can relate to the following, especially owners to breeds with a longer coat?

You find a tick on your pet, then you start looking for a removing device. Can you find one when you need one? And when you do find one, you have to find the tick again! It is time consuming and a real hassle.

We used to have many different tick removing devices lying around the house but they were never there when we needed one.

Enough is enough I thought. There must be an easier and a more timesaving way of dealing with situations like this.

I did not want to find myself in this situation over and over again and it was too important to ignore.

Tosca, our beloved dog, finally inspired me and gave me the idea of the ToscaRing. Now you know why we call it The Tosca Ring.

I, mummy, made the first prototype, a ring integrated with a tick remover. I am a goldsmith by trade and have worked with jewellery and designs for many years.

Tosca’s ”daddy” is an engineer with speciality in production. He was given the honor of building the machine for measuring and carving with perfection.

In the early years of developing the product we had a group of people testing the ring.

The group consisted of cat-, dog- and horse owners. People who spend time outdoors.

They were all overwhelmed and 100% satisfied with the ToscaRing.

They all agreed the ToscaRing is a ´must have´for any pet owner or for anyone who spends time outdoors.

How to use the ToscaRing

When you find a tick.

  • remove the ring from your finger 

  •    insert the tick through the large hole on the ring

  •    twist the ring until the tick is stuck in the narrowing slot


  •    turn the ring a few turns until the tick lets go