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You never know when you need to pick a tick...

My niece had been lying in the grass on a warm and sunny day and noticed after a while that something was irritating her eye. She asked me to have a look what was causing the discomfort.

Although I looked very carefully I could not see anythin until I stretched the skin. I found the smallest of ticks between her eyelashes. Of course I was wearing my ToscaRing and the tick issue was solved within seconds, without removing any lashes or causing any pain.

Think how difficult a pair of tweezers would have been to use in a situation like this? How does one use tweezers without pinching the tick? That close to the eye!

The profile of the ring is slightly domed on the outside, making it easier to catch and reach the very small ticks if attached in more sensitive parts of the host, like in this case the area around the eyes.

You can not harm anyone by accident with the ToscaRing, there are no sharp edges or pointy parts that could cause pain.

Anyone would feel less anxious when approached with the ToscaRing, a rounded object as supposed to a sharp pair of tweezers.

Removing a tick using your fingernails is not a good method, you might squeeze some of the contagious blood back to the bearer. Other infections may occur if the tick´s head- and mouthpart is torn apart and left under he skin. These infections often need treatment with antibiotics-

The ToscaRing

It is a solid ring, it is 2 mm thick and 10 mm wide.

The outside profile is slightly domed for reasons mentioned earlier, the inside profile follows the outside dome to improve the comfort of wearing a wide ring.

Ths also makes it easier to put on and off, even at times when the fingers may feel slightly larger, like on hot summers days or after long walks.

The ToscaRing is made in 925 sterling silver or 18ct gold.

You can choose from two different designs, the Classical (kite shaped) and the Heart shaped design.

the Classical (kite shaped)  silver  3950,- SEK

the Heart shaped  silver   4450,- SEK

Please call or send an e-mail if you would like more information or place an order.